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Battery Label

An increase in car production, heavy-duty industrial applications, network systems, and emerging technologies like fuel cells have created a growing demand for portable energy sources. Our Battery Labels are always compliant with the industry-specific requirements and exceed testing against battery acid and adhesion to polypropylene battery casings. Along with these, they offer excellent chemical resistance and can easily bear high temperatures and harshest weather.

We curate various mobile phone battery labels, including universal waste, hazard warning, and unique variable data, with the assurance of consistent and reliable quality. Our manufacturing process ensures that our battery labels have a precise die-cut, so they don’t affect the technical functionality of the battery’s fitment in mobile phone casings.

Key Features
  • Durable Against Harsh Conditions
  • Moisture and Temperature Resistant 
  • Options for Permanent or Removable Adhesive
  • Anti-Counterfeiting Features
  • Designed for Automatic Applicators

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