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Circuit Boards Labels

Printed Circuit Boards are a part of almost all electronics that surround us and require special identification and tracking during assembly. These labels should have the capacity to withstand extreme heat and exposure to chemicals, especially during assembly processes such as soldering. At Monarch, we intricately understand the industry-specific requirements and standards of circuit board labeling and offer solutions that combine functionality and quality. 

We offer Circuit Board Labels in two materials: Polyimide and Polyester. Both are widely used in the electronics industry, but each has distinct applications. Polyester circuit board labels are used for nameplates, rating plates, serial identification labels, barcode labels, and marking electronic components. Similarly, Polyimide Circuit Labels are used for in-process circuit board labeling in medical and electronics. We help your print high-quality Polyimide and Polyester Circuit Board Labels designed for reflow, non-reflow, and wash processes. 

Key Features
  • High-Performance Permanent Acrylic Adhesive 
  • Abrasion, Scratch, and Chemical Resistant 
  • Withstands High-Temperature During Soldering etc. 

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