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Security Seals

Protecting your product against tampering prevents loss of sales, and our security seals are designed to help you piracy fight. Our security seals are available in three kinds of materials being the Void (White Destructive Holographics), TTE (Tamper Evident), and UDV (Ultra Destructive Vinyl). Once removed, each seal material breaks apart or alters appearance, leaving behind a physical mark or “footprint”. A tampered or broken seal can be an evident proof of theft, contamination, or duplication, protecting manufacturers against liability issues.

At our highly-equipped in-house product development facility, we ensure the design and integrity of your labels are never compromised. With our precise die cuts, we can integrate security seals in your labels in any size or shape. We provide you with a complete range of security solutions for liquors, automotive components, over-the-counter medical supplies, and many more. 

When a Manufacturer and Brand owner want to secure its products from being copied and tempered in the supply chain and retail market, they look for the special types of labels, which must indicate the buyer of the products that this product has compromised.

Monarch offers a comprehensive solution for this problem with tamper proof labels for jars, tamper evident labels for bottles and tamper proof labels for jars and tamper evident labels for bottles.

Key Features
  • Tamper Evident Design
  • Detect Unauthorized Access
  • Durable Against Water and Chemical Damage 
  • Compliant with Most of Challenging Surfaces and Environment
  • Intricate Security Cuts

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