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Product Labels

We are one of the leading manufacturers of Product Labels situated in Noida. It can of different material types, sizes & shapes. Product label consists of information about the product such as its Brand Name, Size, Weight, Contents, and Ingredients etc. It is used in all types of Industries like Pharmaceutical Industry, Electronic Industry, and FMCG Industry etc.

A well-printed product label in Healthcare industry enhances a brands image, makes the product stand out on shelf. A product label contains all relevant information about the product, brand, warnings etc. At Galaxy Labels Products, apart from making the product stand out on shelf, we provide unique brand protection features to prevent counterfeiting of labels.

Sterilizable Label

Scratch Off Label with Variable Data

Reclouser Labels

Anti-Counterfeiting Labels

Security Labels

Decoration and Embellishments Labels

Apparel & Footwear


Consumer Durables



Wine & Spirits