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Scratch Off Label with Variable Data

Scratch-Off Labels are a great way to engage with customers via promotional activities such as ‘Scratch & Win’ or prepaid recharge coupons. We offer Scratch Off Labels printed with fine silver ink or foils and, when scratched, reveal variable barcodes or alphanumeric codes underneath. A selected region is covered by an opaque coating which can be scratched off to reveal variable information.

These are typically used as marketing tools, such as identifying genuine products, running loyalty campaigns, or offering vouchers. Made with high quality, they can be incorporated in your official brand artwork or specially designed for promotional purposes. 

Monarch Graphics can supply you the scratch off labels on rolls by printing and rewinding them on our flexo machines

Key Features
  • Resistant to Normal Abrasion
  • Promotes sophisticated Brand Security
  • Engages Consumers Interactively 
  • Viable Promotional Tool

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