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Consumer Durables

Fast Moving & Durable Solution for the Old-Age & New-Age CPG Brands

Our Consumer Durables Labels include instructional, informative, and branding labels for daily-home essentials such as FMCG, Food, Laundry, air conditioners, television, microwave etc. Many of the labels for these products are required to be easily removable so that they don’t leave any residue on their surface. Various transparent labels to protect the screen and surfaces, as well as permanent warning and logo branding, are also a crucial part of labeling consumer durables. These labels also function as temporary seals to indicate any tampering with the products. We print all varieties of removable and non-removable labels for Consumer Durables and CPG Industry on any type of stock you require. Whether you require the ‘no label look’ of a transparent protective label or functional labels for branding and display of information, our team has the capacity to craft comprehensive labeling solutions to suit your entire needs. Explore Some Ideal Products for the CPG Industry.