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Reclosure Labels

Resealable labels are designed to make flexible packaging easy to open and close for a user-friendly application, while they are also helpful for better shelf appeal. These are an economical alternative due to their two-fold application of combining repeated resealing and branding in one label.

These are typically applied on the top or lid of the package for easy resealing and can be used to preserve edibles, cosmetics, medications, and more. We have specific materials depending upon wet or dry applications as our team understands the industry-specific needs and the challenges involved.

To identify the products by packaging, it is essential to print or stick the exact label on the product primary and secondary packaging, Monarch Produces High-Quality Meat Packaging stickers for the Poultry,Dairy meat Market and seafood market.

Key Features
  • Various varieties of seal strength and peel ‘feel’.
  • Can be over-laminated with transparent PP or PET films for added stiffness. 
  • Compatible with wet or dry applications. 
  • Enhances Customer Experience
  • Additional Space for Brand Promotion

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