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Track and Trace Labels

Track and Trace Security Labels are unique product identification solutions that can be applied covertly and overtly to individual products, cases, pallets, or shipping containers. These carry unique, scannable markers that carry information about the product’s usage, manufacturing ingredients, batch number, and more. Owners and manufacturers can easily access these information systems at any time and at any point in the supply chain, from production to the retail shelf. They are commonly used to detect tampering with unique tracking identifications. 

We manufacture Track and Trace Labels in a variety of materials and adhesives and non-adhesive materials for your entire supply chain. We also provide ready-to-use unique and secured labels for supply chain identification. 

Key Features
  • Boost customers’ trust and brand loyalty via end-user verification. 
  • Protect your supply chain against diversions. 
  • Cannot be counterfeited. 
  • Great for inventory management. 
  • Easy assistance in the verification of products in warranty.

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